Kuber Industries Yoga Mat | Eva Foam Workout Mat | Anti-Skid Floor Exercise Mat | Carpet Mat for Gym-Fitness | Yoga Mat for Women | Yoga Mat for Men | 6 MM | Blue


Price: ₹999 - ₹419.00
(as of Feb 08,2024 12:03:09 UTC – Details)

Kuber Industries Presents Yoga mats crafted from resilient EVA foam. These mats are thoughtfully designed with a textured surface that enhances grip and minimizes the risk of slipping during your yoga practice, ensuring your safety and stability. we are making them not only robust but also easy to clean and maintain. As you prioritize your health and wellness, the choice of a yoga mat becomes an investment in your physical and mental well-being.
🔆 RESISTANT TO WATER & MOISTURE : EVA foam Yoga mats are renowned for their ability to repel water and moisture. This is attributed to the closed-cell structure of EVA foam, where the foam cells are tightly knit, forming a barrier that discourages water infiltration. The moisture-resistant properties of EVA foam contribute significantly to maintaining a secure, non-slip surface, which is paramount for a safe and enjoyable yoga practice.
🔆 SUPPLE-FEATHERLIGHT & RESILIENT MAT : A Yoga Mat that embodies suppleness, featherlight portability, and enduring resilience is a wise choice for practitioners who prioritize comfort, convenience, and long-lasting performance. A textured surface on the mat can elevate your practice by offering superior grip and safeguarding against unwanted slips. Selecting a yoga mat that can withstand regular use is essential. Look for a mat with quality stitching that ensures its durability over time.
🔆 PORTABLE & NON-CONFLICTUAL : A Portable Yoga Mat should be effortlessly transportable, ensuring that it seamlessly fits into your active lifestyle.Equally vital is a non-slip surface, which safeguards against slips and slides during your exercise routine. This feature becomes especially critical in shared environments to maintain a harmonious practice atmosphere.Opting for an eco-friendly yoga mat not only minimizes your environmental footprint but also allows for conflict-free use.
🔆 HEALTH-FRIENDLY & EASY TO CLEAN : Choosing a yoga mat that is non-toxic and effortless to clean is a wise decision for those who prioritize both personal well-being and environmental responsibility. A textured surface not only aids in preventing slips during your practice but also simplifies the cleaning process. Seek out mats with a non-slip surface texture that can be easily wiped clean after your sessions.This commitment to a non-toxic choice perfectly with your health goals.


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