MY LIFE MY YOGA Iyengar Chair | Backless Chair for Holding, Alignment, Flexibility, Meditation | Capacity: 100kg | (Black)


Price: ₹2,999 - ₹1,999.00
(as of Feb 07,2024 14:04:32 UTC – Details)

Improves balance – The basic need that requires during your yoga practice is a solid and firm surface will encourage you to hold the  asanas for longer. Our mat improves your all over balance as it you maintain a good alignment as you move out to other postures. Provides you comfort – A yoga mat will meet the needs of each individual, providing enough padding to feel comfort during the practice while stretching, holding postures, and breathing.
Versatile Functionality: Experience the versatility of our Backless Folding Chair, designed to seamlessly adapt to a multitude of settings, from the cozy confines of your home to the dynamic atmosphere of events and gatherings. Its adaptable nature ensures that whether you’re creating extra seating arrangements for an intimate family dinner or providing comfortable and stylish seating options at a social event, this chair effortlessly rises to the occasion.
Iyengar-inspired: our backless folding chair offers an ideal platform for both holding poses and enriching your flexibility. Rooted in the principles of balance and alignment, this chair serves as a supportive companion in your journey towards physical well-being. Length:- 108 cm, Width:- 46 cm, Height:- 9 cm.
Whether you’re engaging in yoga sessions or simply seeking moments of mindful relaxation, the design of the chair encourages you to explore a range of poses while promoting stability and comfort. Embrace the Iyengar-inspired essence of our chair as it seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, helping you achieve greater harmony between body and mind.
Experience the ultimate space-saving solution with our Backless Folding Chair. Designed to seamlessly blend functionality with convenience, this innovative chair effortlessly folds, allowing you to store it conveniently in any area. Whether you’re working with limited space in a cozy apartment or planning an event that requires quick setup and teardown, Backless Folding Chair is your go-to option.


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